Tots Soccer

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Tots Soccer is our program that creates future R-Kix players. Sessions for children aged 2 and above, providing a fun development pathway from beginner to R-Kix Academy & FC teams.

For years R-Kix Tots Soccer has been providing to professional academy’s such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and smaller academy’s such as Blackburn, Port Vale and Preston.

Tots Soccer sessions run weekly and provide maximum development in a safe and fun environment. The program teaches players to be confident on the ball, creative with what they do and have a good understanding of how to play football.


  • Rochdale

  • Moston

  • Sale

  • Bolton


  • Macclesfield

  • Leak

  • Biddulph


  • Tarleton

  • Blackburn

  • Southport

Tots Soccer sessions for run children until the age of 6 before feeding to R-Kix Academy, R-Kix FC teams or local junior teams. Due to its success there is typically a waiting list to join any of the centres.

Ages 2-4 – First Kix.

Ages 4-6 – Tots soccer

Ages 6+ – Academy

To sign up for any of the Tots Soccer sessions:

Visit the specific area page for the area manager contact details.

Contact our head office email address: