Private Coaching

E.  T. 078874772626

R-Kix private coaching is the perfect tool for a player looking for improvements to their game or increased confidence. 

Our sessions are specific to your needs with maximum attention to detail and game related skills and techniques. 

R-Kix coaches work with professional players to beginner grassroots players, our private coaching sessions are beneficial at all age and ability. 

  • 1to1s & 2to1s – One coach focusing on the specific needs of a player. Our coaches spend an hour working on correcting technique, coaching new skills and techniques and improving any area a player needs. Guaranteed improvements when implemented properly with a good mindset.

  • Small Group Technical Sessions – SGTS’s are for groups of maximum  5 players of a similar ability and area of improvement. Using SGTS’s coaches are able to coach in a group environment, advance sessions further and add competition and opposed practice. These sessions are only available on weekends.

R-Kix private coaching is to be used to supplement club training.


Contact for all enquiries and booking.