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R-Kix First Kix.

First Kix is a program designed by ourselves to introduce children in pre schools and nurseries to multiple sports that they would not experience until later school life. We believe that getting children active and working through different sports can kick start their motors kills learning and improve many physical and social struggles.

The First Kix program takes place at your nursery, where a coach visits for up to an hour and each week they deliver a sports session, all of which are EYFS approved and include number, letter and colour games.

The sports involved are:

Football | Rugby | Tennis | Hockey | Athletics | Cricket | Multi-Sports | Dodgeball | Basketball/Netball

The success of our First Kix program is incredible. We have helped over 1000 children experience a new sport and develop multiple motor-skills, helping children with physical disabilities find . We have identified excellent footballing potential in pre schools, provided extra training and now 5 children play for premier league academies after starting football at First Kix.